Release Notes 31 Jan

Build Number 210 (Linux, Mac, PC) 


  • Fixed an exception related to lot loading.
  • Fixed an exception related to local chat.
  • Added logging to help us identify issues.

Known Issues:

  • Many pledge, add on, and stretch goal items have not yet been built and/or do not yet have tech support. These will not be complete until later this year
  • Pledge tiers from First Responder to Developer are fully stocked with real or placeholder items – pledge tiers from Citizen on up are stocked with real items but no placeholders. No add-ons or stretch goals have placeholders, but all Player Owned Towns have placeholders
  • Many chests in the game no longer work (side effect of us removing all pledge and add on items)
  • Merchant inventories will sometimes appear empty
  • “Iron Rectangle Shield”, “Iron Round Shield”, and “Iron Triangle Shield” that players have in their inventory or have equipped prior to this patch will appear as buckets in their inventory due to the renaming mentioned above

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