Elf Mage

Elf Mage (Bald with short corsett)2Elf Mage (Black Robe)Elf Mage (Corsett)Elf Mage (Face Tattoos)Elf Mage (Shoulder Pads)Elf Mage

Elf mages are tenacious and once they’ve chosen you as their prey, they are unrelenting in the spells they will throw at you.  The items they carry seems to vary from region to region.  One would think that they might carry reagents, but they do not seem to.  Perhaps their magic is all in their staff or wand….

Current as of R13
Area FoundTypeEXPHP AverageLoot
Chilblain’s Compendium of Pain and SufferingElf4001828-10 Gold
Greymark ForestStaff
Moors of Northshore
Vertas Pass