Life Magic: Healing, curing, fighting death


  • Healing Touch: Base healing spell, super short range
  • Healing Ray: Ranged Healing Spell
  • Banish Undead: Direct damage to undead
  • Purify: Clear some negative effects
  • Healing Burst: AoE healing spell
  • Healing grace: Heal over time
  • Purify Burst: AoE purify
  • Resurrection: Bring a fallen ally back to life


  • Life Power: Increases power life spells
  • Life Reach: Increases range & radius of life spells


Death Magic: Transferring life to caster from enemies, summoning Undead


  • Death Touch: Very short range hit point transfer
  • Death Ray: Ranged hit point transfer
  • Death Field: AoE hit point transfer
  • Death Shield: Some % of damage from attacks against Death Shield become hit point transfers
  • Corpse Explosion: Make a corpse explode
  • Animate Dead: Creates a zombie from a corpse, skeleton if no corpse is targeted
  • Summon Undead: Summons an Undead to fight for summoner


  • Death Mastery: Life transfers give more hit points
  • Undead Mastery: Summoned Undead are stronger
  • Mummified Undead: Summoned Undead decay slower


Sun Magic: Removing/reducing stealth


  • Light: Summons a bright light. If cast out of combat it summons a bright light over the caster that travels with them. If cast on an enemy, it puts a light directly over their head that gives players attack bonuses and lights the scene
  • Blind: Curse that reduces the attacks of targeted creature
  • Blinding Armor: Attackers have % chance to have their attacks reduced by blinding flashes
  • Searing Ray: Direct damage spell
  • Destroy Shadows: Direct Damage, extra damage to “Shadow/Night” creatures
  • Enlightenment: Intelligence buff
  • Reveal Hidden: Dispel concealment spells
  • Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix


  • Sun Worship: Buffs base stats while in sunlight
  • Sun Eater: extra % HP per sec while in sunlight


Moon Magic: Stealth


  • Night Vision: Ups the Ambient light level
  • Vanish: Makes the player difficult to see as long as he stands still
  • Shadow form: Makes the player appear only as a shadow
  • Fascinate: A mesmerizing type spell
  • Summon Wil-o-wisp: A light source pet that fights for you
  • Celestial blessing: Increases resistance towards magic
  • Moon Glow: Glow that produces a damage buff but has % to do defense debuff
  • Moonlight Trance: Buffs focus regen rate on allies. Debuffs focus regen on hostiles


  • Moon Worship: Buffs base stats while in moonlight
  • Moon Eater: extra % HP per sec while in moonlight


Earth Magic: Physical attacks with stun effects, crowd control


  • Stone Fist: Melee Physical direct damage spell
  • Root: Lock someone in place
  • Stone Wall: Creates stone wall that blocks movement (can be attacked and destroyed)
  • Strength of Earth: Strength buff
  • Earth’s Embrace: Reduces damage taken but incurs movement penalty
  • Obsidian Arrow: Penetrating ranged attack
  • Earthquake: AoE stun + damage
  • Summon Earth Elemental: Summons Earth elemental


  • Attunement with Earth: Increases Str and defense bonuses
  • Sympathy of Stone: Increases damage resistance and damage absorption


Air Magic: Electric attacks, speed, and dexterity


  • Gust: Push target back with stun chance (can also flip switches at range)
  • Dash: Move speed buff
  • Air’s Embrace: Dexterity buff
  • Blink: Instantly move to nearby spot that you could walk to
  • Discharge: Short range AoE from caster of electric damage with Stun Chance
  • Lightning: Ranged lightning attack with Stun Chance
  • Chain Lightning: Ranged lightning attack that chains with Stun Chance
  • Air Elemental: Summons Air elemental


  • Rapid discharge: Increase stun effects
  • Well Grounded: Increase electrical resistance


Water Magic: Icy attacks that slow targets, minor healing, fight fire


  • Ice Fist: Touch ice attack
  • Ice Arrow: Ranged ice attack
  • Shield of Ice: Damage absorption + fire resistance
  • Ice field: AoE move speed debuff
  • Summon Ice elemental: Summons an ice elemental (does ice attacks)
  • Douse: Removes fire dots
  • Soothing rain: AoE Heal over time
  • Summon Water Elemental: summon Water Elemental (support pet with heals & buffs)


  • Icy Breath: Increases slowing effects of ice attacks
  • Blue Blooded: Increases Cold Resistance



Fire Magic: Damage over time


  • Flame Fist: Short Range Direct Damage with DOT
  • Fire Arrow: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT
  • Fire Ball: Ranged Direct Damage with DOT and AoE
  • Immolation: Surrounds player with flames, attackers have % chance to be hit fire
  • Ring of Fire: Targeted AoE with duration of X time
  • Ignite Weapon: Adds fire damage to target’s currently equipped weapon for X time
  • Summon Fire Elemental: Summons Fire Elemental who attacks enemy targets


  • Highly Flammable: Fire DOTs last longer and Fire Damage increased
  • Fire Reach: Increase Range and Radius of Fire Spells
  • Fire Proof: Increases fire resistance


Chaos: Disruption, High chance of fizzle and backfire (unpredictable effects)


  • Tabula Rasa: Instantly discard all skills and replace with new skills
  • Chaos Bolt: Very random effect bolt
  • Chaotic Confusion: Randomly rearranges target’s skills
  • Chaos Storm: Storm that fires Chaos bolts
  • Chaos Shield: Increases defense but has % chance to also amplify damage
  • Chaotic Clone: Creates a copy of spells cast by owner that hit random targets.
  • Shapeshift: Caster becomes a random creature / animal
  • Summon Demon: Summons a powerful Demon that attacks everyone (including caster)
  • Control Demon: Controls a summoned demon to keep it from killing caster and allies


  • Chaos Control: Reduce backfire chance
  • Empower Chaos: Reduce Chaos spell fizzle chance


Combo Ideas: Some very early concepts of combos.

  • Flame Jet = Flame Fist + Flame Arrow: Cone of flame that lasts X seconds, hits multiple targets
  • Fire Tornado = Gust + Ring of Fire: large AoE fire tornado that moves and pulls targets into it
  • Mudslide = Douse + Earthquake: Slowly expanding AoE that stuns and slows and damages
  • Vinewall = Root + Stone Wall: Stone wall that roots nearby targets
  • Exploding Dead = Animate Dead + Corpse Explosion: Creates Zombie from corpse that explodes when hit or when expires