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Amber Witch Heraldry SOTAAmber Witch - One day, exactly 104 years ago Amber dropped from the skies and landed at the front door of the Inn on the Isle of Moonglow. The Innkeepers, not wanting to bother with a baby put her in a basket tethered to a great balloon in hopes it could carry her across the seas to the Mainland but as luck would have it, time after time, she always ended up floating back to the Inn. No matter what they did they couldn’t get rid of her.An odd old couple living on the northern edge of the island took pity (the monks of the lyceum paid them) and brought her home. Birk, a woodsman, sold firewood to the locals. Antha grew herbs and sold them as medicine. Together they provided an education which instilled an understanding of the natural way of things. The monks of the lyceum taught her to read and for the most part she roamed about unhindered.During the first Great War of Trinsic the family went to war. Birk raised his axe against the hoards, Antha healed and cared for the wounded, Amber helped them both. As war will, those years proved a time of great learning for Amber. She became a swordswoman, she gained insight into the world of healers, she became a woman, compassionate and strong. Now, in her old age, she is content to sit and contemplate the great question of whether or not a dog has Buddha nature. If you see her in your travels don’t hesitate to ask her if she has found the answer. Be careful though, she might thwack you.
Atlara3medgold150 copyAtlara Skeuferyl - Atlara Skeuferyl and his father parted on the worst of terms. His father had advanced far in the ranks of the Obsidian mages, and fully expected Atlara to follow in his footsteps. Atlara was given the best of tutoring and training in the arcane arts, but Atlara despised the Obsidian mages and their blind allegiance to the Obsidian Order. And so it was that Atlara snuck away one night and traveled across the land in search of knowledge and adventure. And yet, he still wears his Obsidian cloak – it has proven quite useful, as the peasants tend to cringe with fear as soon as they notice it. He is now residing in Fallen Waters Fortress, where the inhabitants are willing to leave him alone to practice his arcane skills. He has set up an alchemist’s shop, and the residents seem content to buy his wares without asking too many questions.
baliBeli Mawr - Beli can recall his seaside villa on a wooded peninsula located in the lush forests east of the greatest city in the world, Brittania, in the land of Sosaria. The keeper of his heart was the sea and fishing for its bounty, his boat cutting through her peaks and valleys headed towards the next big adventure. Even to this day the fisherman cannot recall the details of his last voyage and what started the world cataclysm which would later be named Shardfall. Try as I might, the memories of my last voyage in Sosaria elude me except for brief flashes of my ship caught in a maelstrom. In a final flash of lighting revealing two enormous pillars rising from the sea, each with giant serpents coiled around it. Then I only knew darkness. And with a giant gasp of breath, I awoke here. Not dead but on the shores of some strange new world. I gazed around my lonely beach trying to decide on my next course of action. And that's when I saw it and the breath caught in my throat. In the the dark sky above me, the remnants of the moon from the land of my birth floated across the sky. An asteroid belt streaming from her as blood escapes a mortal wound. I knew where I was now. I was home. And so starts my next adventure.
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Luka Melehan - Luka doesn’t like to talk about her past. There were husbands and children, ups and downs. Fond memories and memories not so fond, becoming even more distorted in her dreams. Because of this, she is slow to get going in the morning, often spending her first hours before a fire, alone with coffee, knitting and melancholy. The Luka most folk know is cheerful, helpful and wise in a way that only comes with age. She can hold her own in hunting parties, whether it be by healing, or having her leader’s back. And she will defend her home with maternal veracity. She seems to fancy one of her neighbors, but that could just be her strong sense of loyalty to those who have helped her. The folk she calls family now, are not of her blood. They are known as the Order of Drunken Elders. Luka is proud to be counted in their number, and runs their bar, when not out hunting.
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ravenRaven and Camriel Swiftbow - Raven and her brother, Camriel, fled to the west before the advancing Obsidian army. They were both ever grateful for everything their father had taught them. Raven’s knowledge of the wilderness was invaluable, and Camriel’s ability to craft and sell bows as they moved westward gave them just enough gold to stay one step ahead of the army. They have now settled in Falling Waters Fortress, where Camriel hopes to set up a craftsman’s shop. While Raven has promised to stay in Falling Waters for a time, she is prone to wanderlust and enjoys exploring too much. Camriel knows that Raven will always return to her home in Falling Waters, but how often is up for debate.
Robert Frost - Born near Estgard, Frost spent his boyhood exploring the coast of Norguard and sailing the Naryad Channel. His father, Elvers, was a simple farmer, content with growing root crops and grains to feed the family and the single they cow used for milk. Often on these explorations, he was accompanied by his younger sister Colgarra, who loved the excitement as much as he.

It had been almost a year since word of the Obsidian march had come to Norguard. There had been no word from the Emperor regarding defense of the kingdom but Frost had spent the time well. Both he and Colgarra had mastered the sword as best they could to give them some protection from beasts, and would often practice together understanding that the day would come when the need to defend themselves from the advancine Obsidian forces. Frost had no wish to live under an Obsidian rule, and was not one to wait until their forces were stronger. Having heard of Falling Waters Fortress from a travelling Bard, Frost said goodbye to family and set out on the long overland journey that finally brought him here. Frost's new home is Falling Waters....
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CoatofArms200Trokip McLarren - Trokip once lived in a fine Castle near the town of Britain in Sosaria. Married he had two children, Min and Gamician. Both are now grown Min a Bard and Gamician a Mage/Sorcerer. When the call came out for volunteers to face a danger that was befalling the the kingdom, Trokip although growing older felt compelled to join the fight. Min was left at home to continue on as curator of the castle while Gamician moved on to another city looking for adventure. Although his age has slowed his agility, his mind makes up for it in cunning and wisdom.