Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer (Clothed)Skeleton Archer (Naked)

The Skeleton Archer perfers long bows, it seems, and they can hit you from quite a distance.  They are a bit tougher to kill than the Skeleton Mages.  In addition to their longbow, like all skeletons, they carry corpse wax, ectoplasmic residue, and a little gold.

Current as of R13
Area FoundTypeEXPHP RangeLoot
Chilblain’s Compendium of Pain and SufferingUndead300213-2352 Corpse Wax
Kingsport SewersEctoplasmic Residue
North Ravenswood5-23 Gold
NorthmarshLong Bow
Obsidian Keep
Owl’s Head Sewers
Plains of Righ Inis
Solace Bridge
The Veiled Swamp
Tower of the Shuttered Eye
Wynton’s Folly