Skeleton Footman

Skeleton Footman (with axe)Skeleton Footman (with hammer)

Skeleton Footman (with mace)Skeleton Footman (with sword)

Skeleton Footmen are the hardest to kill of the common skeletons.  They carry a weapon – longsword, war axe, two-handed hammer, or two-handed mace – and also carry corpse wax, ectoplasmic residue and a little gold.

Current as of R13
Area FoundTypeEXPHP AverageLoot
Chilblain’s Compendium of Pain and SufferingUndead3002531 Corpse Wax
Kingsport SewersEctoplasmic Residue
North Ravenswood10-18 Gold
Northmarsh1 of these:
Iron Longsword,
Owl’s Head SewersIron War Axe,
RavensmoorIron Two-Handed Hammer,
Solace Bridge Iron Two-Handed Mace
Tower of the Shuttered Eye
Wynton’s Folly