Bandit smallRavenswood Bandit
Those who are poor and desperate occasionally turn to a bandit’s way of life – stealing whenever they get the opportunity. Travelers in New Britannia should always be on the lookout for those who will demand their purse or their life.
Bandit Leader smallBandit Leader [Blackpond]
Blackpond is a well-known leader of the bandits known to hide in Owl’s Nest.
Fighter smallRavenswood Bandit
Fighters have left the mainstream of society in these troubled times and will hire their blade out to any who will pay them. They have been known to run with bandits, which is likely their next profession.
Nestor - the Obsidian Necromancer smallNestor [Mage]
Nestor is a necromancer who has taken up residence with the Red Sash Bandits. The bandits are none too fond of him, but they dare not challenge him, after seeing him turn their leader, The Wolf, into an undead skeleton.
Red-Sash Bandit (Female) smallRed Sash Bandit [Female]
Red-Sash Bandit (Male) smallRed Sash Bandit [male]