Current as of R13
Arctic WolfArctic Wolf
Related to other wolves, the arctic wolf prefers cold climates and is stronger than its lowland relatives. Thus far, they have only been spotted in Vertas Pass. Their hides may be used to create leather.
Elder WolfElder Wolf
Elder wolves are much stronger than many wolves, only the Obsidian wolf is stronger. They have been found in many areas of New Britannia - from the woods to the to the marshes.
Grey WolfGrey Wolf
Grey wolves are very similar to the basic wolf, though not as vicious. The hides and hide scrap they yield when field dressed makes this wolf a prime target for new avatars who are still learning to hunt.
Large Arctic WolfLarge Arctic Wolf
Extremely aggressive, these wolves have, thus far, only been spotted in Vertas Pass. They give good hides, which explains why many hunters seek them out.
Large Grey WolfLarge Grey Wolf
The large grey wolf seems to be closely related to the arctic wolf. Unlike the arctic wolf, however, they live in a large number of diverse habitats from the plains to the forests of Novia. Like all wolves, their hides may be used to create leather.
Large Timber WolfLarge Timber Wolf
The large timber wolf appears to be a lowland relative of the large arctic wolf. Like the arctic wolf, it is quite aggressive, but its hides are often sought by craftsmen.
Obsidian WolfObsidian Wolf
The Obsidian wolf is the strongest and most aggressive of all wolves. It is clearly identified by it's black coat and only lives in a few small areas of New Britannia.
Timber WolfTimber Wolf
The timber wolf is more aggressive than it's close cousin, the large grey wolf. It is found in similar habitats as the large grey wolf, from the plains, to marshes, to forests.
Wolves, like spiders, have always been adept and common predators, and this is no different in New Britannia. They can be found in many habitats, from plains to hills to forests. They vary from weaker varieties, sometimes found living close to man, to the most aggressive - the Obsidian wolf. They are commonly hunted for the hides they give, which may be turned into leather by skilled craftsmen.
Wolfpack LeaderWolfpack Leader
The wolf pack leader is peculiar to Valeway South (South Valeway). As the strongest wolf in the pack, it is understandable that he would lead it. Boden in Braemar is particularly interested in seeing the demise of this particular wolf.