The player town of Valemark is located southwest of the crossroads in the Hidden Vale.

PaxLair was the dominant town built in Valemark. The PaxLair Government assisted in organizing people coming to and through the area. This includes numerous crafting capabilities, events, decorated houses and lots, communication, transportation, and interaction between people. The government relied upon many volunteers to make these things happen.

Valemark is characterized as a player run town scene type 3, same as Holtrot. It has three meadows surrounded by houses along with joining paths between them. The entrance is to the west where a Town Crier tells people how many house lots are open along with whatever news he may have. The meadows are called the Lower, Middle, and Upper Meadows. Sunset Rock was also named as one of the most scenic spots overlooking the Lower Meadow and watching wonderful sunsets.



  • Rabbit
  • Stag


Housing Lots


Total Player Lots: 42
Outer City:  40 Inner City:  0
Row:  0 Row:  0
Village: 32 Village:  0
Town: 8 Town: 0
City:  0 City: 0
Duke Keep:  0 Duke Keep:  0
LotM Castle: 0 LotM Castle:  0

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