South Paladis

South Paladis is a central region in Novia. It borders on the north with North Paladis. On the north-east, it is separated from Regalis by the Serpent’s Spine mountains. On the east, it borders Midmaer, separated from it by the Blackblade Range. On the south it is adjacent to the Bay of Storms, where the coastal regions of South Paladis are called the Ash Coast. To the south-west it is bordered by Longfall, and it is separated from the Forsaken Vale to the north-west by the Pillars of Night.

Its main city is Opalis. A minor town close to the Ashen Coast is Jaanaford. The Jaana River is one of the major rivers of the region.

Currently revealed locations are as follows:



  • Dungeons include:


  • Surface zones include: