Awoken Zombie


A zombie is an undead that has a decomposed body and comes out in certain areas at nightfall. They have no reason, no conscience, no humanity and can not speak. They can’t even communicate with other zombies. They have no force, are slow and can’t run fast. Because a zombie has no reason, they can’t have the idea to take a weapon, that’s why thier only weapon is thier hands.  A zombie feeds on human flesh of the living. A zombie doesn’t feel pain, doesn’t matter if you hit them so beware of all the zombies, even if they don’t have a leg or an arm. Don’t let them touch you or you get the plague and you can spread it to others just by contact.

*Current as of R20*
Area Found


Adv Exp

Prod Exp

Avg Hp


Solace BridgeUndead



0-1 Corpse Wax
0-1 Ectoplasmic Residue
5-25 Gold