fishingFishing Proficiency

Proficiency in Fishing

*Current as of R22*

The goal with fishing is to give players that same feeling they had fishing in Ultima Online.  Fishing will work in any area where the water is deep enough to swim. For now, all water is the same (no salt vs. freshwater) and shallow water (swamps) cannot be fished in, but water types and associated fish types will get added in later releases.

To fish, you need bait in your inventory and your fishing pole equipped (each cast uses 1 bait).  You then use your “Cast” ability to send the bait/hook/bobber to a selected target in the water (similar to how we target spells like Fireball).  As soon as you cast your line, a timer starts and while that timer runs you have a chance to catch a fish (or maybe a boot!).  If the timer runs out before you catch anything you have to recast.  In R22 there will be three fish types and at least one cooking recipe for each (as well as Butchery recipes to clean and filet the fish).

Long term, there are tons of features that will be added to fishing. Seasonality and time of day differences (dusk/dawn best times) will become important when you fish.  Location will start to matter, as well as when they add different water types and associated fish types (catfish in the swamp), as well as hot spots where visible schools of fish increase your fishing chances.  There are also plans to factor in timing and reflexes so that watching your bobber and using your “Reel” skill will factor into your fish catching.

Competitive fishing and bragging rights will come into play when Trophy data is added to the fish you catch (which will record the size of each fish caught), and when they begin to add rare and elusive fish to be caught and mounted for display.