Forestry_SkillForestry Proficiency

Proficiency in Forestry

Forestry_SkillSurvey - Forestry

Increases survey distance for Forestry nodes

Swift_Gathering_-_ForestrySwift Gathering - Forestry

Decreases harvest gathering time for Forestry nodes

Forestry_SkillMeticulous Collection - Forestry

Increases chance to not consume an Forestry node on harvest

*Current as of R22*

Forestry is a gathering skill that includes gathering wood and woodcraft. This skill requires the use of a Harvesting Axe or Saw.  To chop wood from a tree, place the harvesting axe in one of the hotbar slots and press the corresponding key. The character must be standing next to a tree that can be harvested from. These trees are identified by their orange leaves.

Trees that yield materials:

  • Maple
  • Pine