Braemar is a small isolated village in the Southern end of the Hidden Vale. Having been cut off from regular traffic when hard times fell on the land and is only now starting to reestablish its presence. While there is still an unease in this village, its location, nestled in a beautiful forest glen, is worthy of a trip.

Arrival points

Travelers arriving by road will find themselves on the northern outskirts of the village. Continue straight ahead and you will find yourself in the center of this small community.

Town Layout

Most of Braemar has been overrun by by the beautiful pristine forest with a main road leading visitors to the re-established village center. To encourage visitors and setters, the village has established a large number of plots in the surrounding woods for the development of a northern and southern neighborhood.

Runic Map Of Braemar
Runic Map Of Braemar

Eating and Drinking

The Braemar Inn and Tavern – This fine inn is run by Flynn Gilsen and is an ideal place for weary travelers to settle in for a hot meal and a mug of good local ale. The family running this inn were the first brewers in The Hidden Vale. While one was once able to find their renowned ales anywhere, shipping difficulties have made this the only place to sample them.

The Tortoise and Hare B&B – The Inn of the Tortoise and Hare offers good food, great drink, and even better stories. This way-point for adventurers drawn to Ravensmoor has become a center for knowledge boasting a large library. Those looking for adventure will also find a well-stocked general store.


As Braemar is quite isolated, there is very little commerce in the area at the moment. The local townsfolk have been hoping to entice passing travelers to settle down.

Points of Interest

Braemar Graveyard – The village graveyard is quite beautiful and should definitely be visited at night, when you might get the chance to catch a glimpse of the rare wisps that inhabit the area! Rumor has it that if you sit on the right rock, you can hear voices from another world.

Braemer Graveyard
Braemer Graveyard

Challenge Dungeon - The Challenge Dungeon is a maze that presents progressively more difficult opponents to face in each room. Players can access the dungeon from a magical portal in Braemar Graveyard.  In each room, a glowing panel will summon monsters for the group to fight. These include stags, wolves, bears, skeleton archers, skeleton guardsmen, and a mage lich.  When a player is killed, rather than simply falling to the floor, they are placed in a clearing before then ankh in the first room. They must make their way into the depths of the dungeon once again.  According to the Player Instructions: “You are advised to bring plenty of supplies and friends. Unique rewards await those who survive to the end.”


Current as of R20
JarredDagger Delivery

Jarred will ask you to deliver a special dagger to his former colleague, a bandit named Blackpond in the Owl’s Nest Bandit Cave.

thomas Strongbeard smallsMissing Shipments

Flynn Gilson, the innkeeper in Braemar, asks you to inquire with the innkeeper in Kingsport why Braemar has not seen any ale shipments in weeks.

AbelaKelly is Missing

Abela, the barmaid in Braemar mentioned that Kelly might be in trouble with bandits. She encourages you to speak to Boden Koren who insists she would have nothing to do with bandits and fears she is in danger. You find her in Owl’s Nest where she is fact safe. She asks you to carry a message back to Boldan and then return to her to let her know it is done.

bodan korenAnimal Hides

Bodan Koren will ask you to bring him animal hides and pay 10 gold per hide.

bodan korenLeader of the Pack

Bodan Koren asks you to hunt down the leader of a pack of wolves in Valeway South (South Valeway).

Myra smallsVeimor is Missing

Speak to Bridget Helvig and she will say her husband Veimor is missing. He is missing in West Ravenswood. Tell Veimor, "Bridget sent me."

Treasure Chest Locations

Braemar chest 1Braemar chest 2

*No longer spawning*

Merchant NPCs

current as of R15
james smallWilliam the Merchant
William carries basic equipment and reagants.
Emily smallsMaeread the Barkeep
Important NPCs in Braemar
Important NPCs in Braemar

Other NPCs

  • Abela
  • Albert Halverson
  • Bridget Helvig
  • Boden Koren
  • Braemar Banker & Town Crier
  • Eileen
  • Flynn Gilson
  • Karl Rognoff
  • Jarred
  • Jack the Lamplighter
  • Seamus Olgard
  • Henry the Skill Trainer


  • Halmar


  • Cat
  • Rabbit
  • Stag
  • Turkey
  • Watcher

Housing Lots

Braemar Lot Details
Total Player Lots:  30
Outer City:   0 Inner City:   0
Row:  0 Row:  0
Village: 30 Village:  0
Town:  0 Town:  0
City:  0 City:  0
Duke Keep:  0 Duke Keep:  0
LotM Castle:  0 LotM Castle:  0