Brave Coast

The Brave Coast
The Brave Coast

Secluded, even when compared to the rest of the Hidden Vale, the the massive island-city of Brave Coast is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for settlers in New Britannia. The combination of it’s plentiful coastal plots, its quiet and pristine setting, and the excellent weather have resulted in a number of aristocrats building their homes here. The contrast between the rural setting and some of the finest homes in New Britannia offer a wonderful contrast to explore. These wealthy settlers have also resulted in a number of fine establishments setting up shop along the Brave Coast.

Arrival Points

Visitors will arrive in Brave Coast via the ferry from Kingsport.

City Layout

The town of Brave Coast is divided into three neighborhoods: The Near Beaches, the Coastal Walk, and The Heights

Near Beaches – These beaches, names so due to their relationship to the ferry port, is a bustling community with a number of village and town plots currently being developed. Without a doubt, the landmark here is the massive castle lot where the local Lord of the Manor resides.

The Coastal Walk – On the far side of the island from the arrival, The Coastal Walk is a path along the water where some of the largest homes on the island can be found. Several members of the royalty have settled down here.

The Heights – Rising up in the center of town, this wooded butte is home to a number of residents.


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Housing Lots

Total Player Lots:  49
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