The town of Kingsport is the second largest settled area in The Hidden Vale isles. Unlike the more formal city of Owlshead, Kingsport is a working-class town, founded in the bustling deep-sea port. While the dark times have been hard on Kingsport, there is still many reasons for travelers to pay a visit. Kingsport Market still hosts some good shopping while the Harbor area hosts some of the best people-watching in the area.

Arrival Points

Visitors will arrive in Kingsport in one of three ways. Those coming by foot are likely to enter from the West on Kingsroad, arriving in the outskirts of town. For those coming from the mainland, ships disembark in Kingsport harbor, putting visitors in the heart of the town. Finally, those who have mastered the Lunar Rifts will find themselves arriving just north of town in a grassy hill.

City Layout

Kingsport has four neighborhoods: Kingsport Harbor, Center City Market, Coastal Prime, and the River-Front.

Kingport Harbor – While not the physical center of Kingsport, many consider the harbor to be the spiritual center of Kingsport. Protected by a small bay, this has become the largest shipping port of The Hidden Vale and when shipping lanes are open, is the primary means of transportation to the mainland. In addition, a ferry to the nearby island town of Brave Coast is usually in operations. While Kingsport is notorious for its friendly attitude to visitors, the harbor is where one might find some of the less virtuous members of the community.

Center City Market – Kingsport Center City Market used to be the destination for shopping for those seeking rare goods from the continent or rare treasures that adventurers would sell before sailing back to their homes. The dark times have had a distinct impact on the market, but still boasts fine crafters, including glass-blowers, weavers, and one of the more prominent alchemists in the entire Vale.

Coastal Prime – The coast of Kingsport used to boast some of the finest palaces in all of Novia. While many of these old mansions have vanished during the harder times, more recent settlers have started to reconstitute this cosmopolitan center of Kingsport.

River-Front – For those unable to afford the fine mansions of Coastal Prime, the River-Front offers smaller village plots where citizens and knights have settled down.

Runic Kingsport Map
Runic Kingsport Map

Eating and Drinking

The Hearth of Britannia  – No visit to Kingsport should be without a visit to The Hearth of Britannia. The Hearth of Britannia is the quintessential bustling tavern. Located in the heart of Kingsport, it has become a gathering place for great friends, stout drink, and food from a bygone era.


The bustling fresh food and fish market in the city center is the heart of Kingsport’s mercantile district. Several stores selling all manner of items from alchemist apparatus to potted plants can be visited in this district around the merchant guildhouse.

Sundries from Below  – Sundries from Below is a combination shopping center and library venture with the former located in a waterfront lighthouse while the other is housed in an underground library.

The Stone Mug – This butcher shop is rumored to hide a popular speakeasy. For those who know the password, stories tell of grand parties and exciting arena battles.

Other Points of Interest

City Hall – The city hall of Kingsport is located between the harbor and market. This is where visitors who need to speak with  Mayor Hargrove will find him conducting town affairs.

Kingsport Map by Birko
Kingsport Map by Birko


current as of R20
Alicia smallAlicia

She is looking for her husband Morton [Owl's Head Fire Lotus Tavern]. She has the “book” he is looking for and will give it to you for telling her where he is.

Myra smallsLauren

She can be found in the Broken Anchor building [see map]. She believes that she is trapped on the Hidden Vale and asks that you find Wycliff, Norman, and Halmar to give her any “news”. If you ask Wycliffe about Norman, he will also want “news”.

Treasure Chest Locations

kingsport chest 1kingsport chest 2kingsport chest 3

 *Not currently spawning with rewards as of R14*

Key NPCs

  • Lord Mayor Peter Hargrove
  • Laura
  • Guildmaster Erin Hargrove
  • Anton [Broken Anchor Leader/Smuggler]

Merchant NPCs

current as of R15
harold smallsKoval
Sells torches
harry small 1Harry
Sells some deco and helmets
julia smallJulia the Alchemist
Sells alchemy supplies, reageants, potions, and gems.
Norman smallsJeremy the Tailor
Sells rugs
nahche smallNahche the Farmer
Sells fruit and vegetables
Randall smallsKamalh the Fishmonger
Sells fish and fillet
nahche smallKeith
Sells daggers
Morgan smallsChristopher
Decorations vendor
Randall smallsInnkeeper Abott
Sells various food and drink as well as reagents and potions
Alicia smallAlicia the Alchemist
Sells reagants
Norman smallsMitch the Bookseller
Sells maps, books, and some lighting decorations
phillip smallPhillip the Fisherman
Sells fish and polearms
julia smallAbigail the Public Vendor
Sells items from players
Kingsport Important NPCs
Kingsport Important NPCs

Other NPCs

  • Andre
  • Bob
  • Brand
  • Dalen
  • Frieda
  • Froderick
  • Guyon
  • Jacob
  • James
  • Justin
  • Ted
  • Laura
  • Louis the cook
  • Marian
  • Martin
  • Pete
  • Matte


  • Guard Whitley
  • Guard Douglas
  • Guard Locke
  • Guard Powell
  • Guard Anna
  • Guard Winona



Housing lots

Kingsport Lot Details
Total Player Lots: 37
Outer City:  0 Inner City:  37
Row:  0 Row: 12
Village: 0 Village:  20
Town: 0 Town:  5
City: 0 City:  0
Duke Keep:  0 Duke Keep:  0
LotM Castle:  0 LotM Castle:  0