Owl’s Nest

map pic

Home of the Red Sash Bandits, located southeast of Owl’s Head.

surface map cave entrancesurface map

 Mobs [surface]

  •  Giant Spider [brown mottled]
  • Giant Spider [Brown]
  • Giant Spider [Red Spots]
  • Wolf

inside cave 1inside cave 2



Merchant NPCs [inside cave]

 Mobs [inside cave]

  • The Wolf [Undead Reaver]
  • Nestor [Mage]
  • Chest Mimic
  • Barrel Mimic
  • Red Sash Bandit [male]
  • Red Sash bandit [female]
  •  Bandit Leader [Blackpond]
  • Kobold
  • Wolf

 Resource Nodes [inside cave]

  • Blue Crystals
  • Iron Ore Veins
  • Copper Veins