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    This morning I rebuilt my archery deck so I could take full advantage of the archery combos that are available. I recorded myself building the deck and tried to do it so that it might help others. It will be a much stronger deck once I have 5 glyphs in each archery move. But for now, this is how I built it while only having 3 glyphs in each archery skill:

    Oh - and a couple of things:

    - Using Tap Soul locked in my #1 slot was an experiment - I later decided against it and went back to my standard glyph I keep locked in slot #1 - Healing Ray.

    - Also, at the end of the video, I was trying to figure out how use the number keys on my Nostromo keypad to create my combos - I did eventually figure it out, but I did not catch that on the tape. What I *did* catch on tape was my messing up and hitting the key that swapped my deck to my 'healing' deck. So at the very end, when all of a sudden a bunch of heals and potions pops up - that is my emergency healing deck - for myself and for others.
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