Life Healing/Blades Hybrid (pic intense)

Discussion in 'Adventuring-Magic' started by Luka Melehan, Dec 26, 2014.

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    The first thing to understand about this deck is that I have ZERO healing spells in my deck. I heal others from peace mode because I can rapid fire heals with almost no cost. The downside is that sometimes I cannot get into peace mode, but I am working on learning the group places and where to stand so nothing will hit me. However, the problem exists so I am emphasizing that this is not a healer deck, but a hybrid. I have actually had good experience with it in both Chilblaines and Vertis Pass, as long as melees carry one heal for emergencies.

    Another healing issue is that a distance heals cannot go through walls or stairs. If we are doing the liche room and drawing them to the hall, melees need to fight on the platform near the back so I can stand on the stairs and rapid heal you. It is important for me to stand back so they do not target me. When you aren't on the edge of the platform, the heals will not reach you.

    If we do the liche room by standing behind the statue, I may not be able to stay in peace mode. The first two times we did it this way, I died quickly. This last time I must of found the sweet spot, or the rumor that turning off light spells worked because I would get feared, but I would still be in peace mode when I got out. I tried Knight's Grace, but I run into trouble with the timer, so now I am trying smelling salts.

    There are times in some of the rooms that I cannot shake aggro and I am going to try to say so in vent when this happens at times I need to be healing. Also I will say "feared" when I am frozen so you know that if you are depending on my heals at that moment you can try to get away.

    Some rooms of course I am fighting along side you, which is why I chose a hybrid instead of a straight healing template.

    Vertis Pass: If we are gathering in the room to fight, when it gets hairy I can go up the stairs and you can pop up there when your health gets bad. Most of the time I can fight with you and watch health bars. I started doing Vertis Pass alone to get used to how the elves behave and where I can back into and only have to deal with a couple at a time.

    At this point, I have 4 locked glyphs and 4 rotating. My peace mode bar has two foods, which add health regen. And as I pointed out, my only heals are here and can be rapid fired as long as I can remain in peace mode. Some mages do not take me out of peace mode. I will start paying attention to which ones. And fear does not seem to break peace mode, so I can get right back to healing once it breaks. We no longer need our gathering tools on the bar so it leaves room for fun stuff too like turkeys and gusting people in PvP areas.

    Blades. I try to keep my numbers down to exactly what is in my deck when possible. Some skills require a certain amount in thier parent skill now, whether you use it or not.

    I had been using Sword of the Ba'heer, but now I am trying a short sword for the crit value.

    Heavy Armor. As of release 13, the ability to use an armor skill is based solely on the chest peice. I expect this to change at some point. Anyways, since I am not a dexer, I am focusing on strenth and defense. No stuns that do damage to your armor.

    Sheild skill for the added defense.


    Earth, more strenth and defense.

    Fire for fire resist, as it seems to be the most prevelent in monsters.

    Focus is really important for my deck.

    I am light on healing because I heal from my peace mode bar so there is almost no cooldown. At some point I will dig down at get banish undead and rez. I am hoping I can use both from the peace mode bar.

    And of course the handy-dandy light.

    Please please please share your templates and decks and I am open to any ideas to make my deck work better. It takes me a long time to understand how skills work.
  2. Raven

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    Thanks, Luka. I have an idea that is a bit different from yours, but I will need to test it out. It might not work. Before I can do it, though, I really need to get some more levels. I think I'm only 41 now.
  3. FrostII

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    Great post and breakdown, Luka ! Thanks for doing it.... ;)
    I'll study it this eve when I have more time.....
  4. Luka Melehan

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    omg I have changed things up so many times since then! hehe
  5. Tia Turlough

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    Well we need an update. It would be nice to see how everyone is working their templates.

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