Making metal armor / weapons

Discussion in 'Crafting-Production' started by Malimn, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Malimn

    Malimn New Member Guild Member

    On Saturday, resources willing, I will be working my way up to GM Smith once I hit 1.5m producer exp. Anyone who wants / needs armor and weapons feel free to hit me up this weekend for what you want/need..

    I can also enchant and masterwork the item as well.. IF you want to add the gem, please bring a couple of what you want to add to the item and I will do it as well.

    I know Madog has most of the guild's business and I have soloed this since day one and with his help telling me how to gain exp, I will be able to help out as well..

    Sorry I have not been in groups but this is what has taken all of my time the past week or so as I have been focused on Producer exp.



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