New Clasped Gauntlets Cloak Option for Community Events

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    In October of 2016 we created the Clasped Gauntlets Cloak for community events. [​IMG]

    “We believe very strongly that community events that extend into the real world are very important and we have always worked hard to support them. We have been considering for a long time now how players who attend these real world events can display their attendance inside the game.”

    Any Shroud of the Avatar community event, of any size, is eligible to receive a base cloak for each attendee. The organizer will need to submit a request for approval and then once approved provide the number of cloaks needed and which of the organizer’s characters the cloak will be delivered to.

    Large charity, wellness, or in-person real life events can also request a customized version of one of these cloaks with a unique color scheme (main color and trim color) and a custom name.

    Since we started this program we have created over 15 customized versions of this cloak and awarded many more of the base version!

    For Release 50 Fletcher “Scathana” Kinnear has created a new in-game craftable front clasp cloak that we liked so much we decided to make it an option that players can choose when requesting a community cloak! Check it out below:


    Here is what the craftable front clasped cloak (without the clasped gauntlets) looks like in-game.



    If you have an event that qualifies for a cloak, please email

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