Rabbit Mask - R16 Quest - SPOILER

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    R16 -Quest - Rabbit Mask -

    Hat Quest – for R16

    Soltown – Soltown has been relocated from an area NNNNNNNNNNNNNN of Solania to along the roadway between Ardoris and Solace Bridge in Novia. The Soltown Tour Guide is located in the middle of the town buildings area. The layout of the town is very similar to Braemar.

    Solace Forest - Cross Solace Bridge heading North/Northwest. In a short distance, turn West across the dirt bridge separating the River/Creek. Head North/Northwest up the path through the forested area. This is Solace Forest. Enter Solace Forest, Go West to the T in the road. Take the Road South/Southwest. Keep your eye open for an opening in the rocks going West/Northwest. That will take you up a hill. At the top of the hill near the fallen walls of what was once a structure you will find the Solace Forest Tour Guide.

    Spectral Mines – Following the Road North, Northwest, Sothwest and West, keeping the River/Creek to your left along the trail. A little before the River ends at the mountains edge look to your West/Northwest at the base of the mountain. There is a mine entrance in this area. Enter the mine. Once you enter the mine, go through the broken wall into the next room. Look for the hole in the floor and drop through it. Go Northeast then Northwest, then Southwest across the farthest Southeast bridge that crosses the Lava Pit. Take the first Archway Entrance farthest Southeast. Travel Southwest down the corridor until you come to the wall. Turn Southeast and go halfway down that corridor. At that point look Southwest and enter the room in that direction. Spectral Mines Tour Guide is on the left side. Northeast of the stairwell.

    Ardoris - After entering Ardoris either by Boat from the Kingsport Area or from Novia, work your way to the Southern most Market, Town Square, surrounded by shops with a Statue in the middle. The Ardoris Tour Guide is standing in front of this Statue.

    Necropolis – From Ardoris take the road West/Northwest along the main body of water. Continue North and Northwest along the West Perennial Trail. At the Y in the road continue to the left, North/Northwest along the main body of water. Cross the Bridge over the Inlet from the main body of water. Continue North/Northwest until you reach the End of the water Inlet. Continue to follow the trail East until you can enter the Necropolis Barrens. Go West once you have entered looking for two columns to your North. Enter between those two columns. Follow the winding path North, Northeast. West and South going down. Until you reach another set of columns. Enter this area through the columns. In front of you will be a building with a wooden door. This is the Necropolis. To the right side or East/Southeast of this building is the the Necropolis Tour Guide.

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