A Portrait Gallery of Characters
By Petra Fyde

Petra Fyde, my fearless warrior who is actually petrified

Runlykell, my admit cowardly crafter who, when danger threatens, will run like hell

Barry Coodah, my fisherman. He especially likes to catch barracuda

Heidi Ninfel, my stealth shepherd sometimes found hiding in Fel

Joy Nerry, expert at joinery, also tailoring and smithing

Xorartep, a strange creature who's name make most sense read backwards

Kirsten Pheable, bard and mage, often suffers from being cursed and feeble

Piper Lullabie, peace tamer who controls her pets by piping lullabyes

Calleigh Graffey, skilled in the art of calligraphy

May Kinoles, despoils the landscape making holes in search of buried treasure

Molly Fyde, peaceful crafter of Siege Perilous

Dee Lishus, makes delicious cakes for Siege Perilous

Maude Edleigh, mystic mage of Drachenfels. More deadly than her shard mate

Sherri Tryful, Cooking on Drachenfels